Super Bowl Squares

We’re putting our own spin on the classic party game “Super Bowl Squares” to give viewers a chance to win exclusive prizes during Saturday’s livestream! Check out our social media pages or see below to see how the game works and watch our live game of Madden streaming on Twitch to see what prizes are selected!


Step 1: We will determine which prizes are up for grabs on Thursday February 4th at 8pm ET when Greg and Jeremy take on Ben and Gator in a live game of Madden streaming for free on The Relix Channel on Twitch. At the end of each half, the last digit of each team’s score will dictate what prizes will be up for grabs during Saturday’s livestream using our custom “Super Bowl Squares” chart. For example, if the score at halftime is Greg + Jeremy: 21, Ben + Alex: 14, the first half prize would be an event poster. We will also answer your questions during the game via Twitch comments!

Step 2: During Saturday’s livestream, we’ll ask two trivia questions for you to answer in the comments on Twitch. Three people who guess correctly will be randomly selected to win that prize (1st question = 1st half prize, 2nd question = 2nd half prize). You must include your email address when commenting on Twitch to win. Winners will be announced live at set break and encore. We’ll follow up with all winners via email to claim your prizes. Good luck!

UPDATE: Ben and Gator won as the Bucs! With a halftime score of 6-0 and final score of 21-13, the prizes selected via “Super Bowl Squares” are signed setlists and event posters. Watch Saturday’s livestream and keep an eye on the live comments on Twitch to win!

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