We Miss Florida Already!!

What an amazing week! Flew by. So many highlights… Our super jam with COPE at Skipper’s in Tampa featuring nearly all of both bands… Playing to more HD cameras than people at the incredible AURA studios in Boca Raton… Finally playing to Greg’s and Dan’s grandparents… Opening with “Couldn’t We All” on the wrong instruments for April Fools in Gainesville (and we got ’em good!!)…   Sit-ins by Jeff and Jim from The Heavy Pets, Chris from Displace and Sam from Grooveshark… Using actual aloe plants on our epic sunburns… Stumbling on a bird eating a lizard… Stumbling on a turtle laying 8-9 eggs in nature (it’s the circle of life!!)… Ronny high-fiving a spider monkey at the zoo… Re-meeting everyone from AURA in their respective towns… It’s been a beautiful and busy week!! With full hearts and a new tan, we begin our journey home tonight, kicking off four sweet shows that culminates at Gypsy Sally’s in DC. See you tonight at The Pour House in Charleston, SC, we hear it’s an awesome town!!