Happy New Year!!

Last night was SO. MUCH. FUN! We worked our tailfeathers off on this special ‘Alice in One-Hit Wonderland NYE’ set and we’re thrilled that it was so well received. Another sold out heartwarming NYE… Cheers to raising the bar in 2015!! Set: Whoopie, Julia > 2001 (NYE Countdown w/ Shack Band members) > Auld Lang Syne (w/ 99 Red Balloons tease) > Moonwalk > Butterfly (w/ Milkshake) > Barbara Streisand > Moonwalk, Live It Up > Relaxer’s Delight (Relax/Rapper’s Delight mashup) > Live It Up, Burning Up My Time > Tubthumping > Burning Up My Time > Horizon, Landing > Groove Is In The Heart > Blue > Drunk People jam > Lovefool > Drunk People ending. Spacejam > The Hop > F.U., Two Princes > Julia. Encore: Closing Time > Schwanthem > What is Love > Schwanthem.