See you at The Peach!

Been holding on to this one for a while… We’re at Peach Music Festival this August 14-17 in Scranton, PA alongside Trey, Bobby and The Allman Brothers!! Not to mention it’s at a freakin’ waterpark!! It’s gonna be a great summmer…

Multi-Tasking at the Pigeon Coop

Sure doesn’t feel like “time off”… we’re busier than ever here at the Pigeon Coop! Currently, we’re happily listening to the final mastered audio for “Psychology,” finalizing the album art, tying up loose ends for Domefest and juggling bowling balls with our eyes closed. All with a big goofy grin!! It’s easy to work hard when you love what you do, we hope you’re all feeling as inspired and exhausted as we are… CHASE YOUR DREAMS (and sleep when you can)!!

Conspirator in PA Tonight, Queens College Tmrw

We’re on at 9pm tonight opening for Conspirator at The Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg, PA . It’s their last show of tour, should be great! Tomorrow’s Spring Fest at Queens College is outside and open to the public for free! We’re on from 12-130pm and we’re told “you can’t miss it” when you drive to campus (65-30 Kissena Blvd, Flushing, NY, street parking available). We’re fully prepared and stoked for carnival-vibes, hope you are too!

Venue Change in Rochester Tonight

Hi Flockers, hope you’re all doing as well as we are!! Tonight’s show in Rochester is at Sticky Lips BBQ Juke Joint on Jefferson (NOT at Lovin’ Cup). We’re on at 11:30, and we’re so happy we worked this out!! Spread the word and see you soon! And sorry for the confusion, it wasn’t our doing… We just wanna play, man!!

Good Morning Sun!!

That was Some Kind of Sunrise Set!! Such an energetic crowd at Some Kind of Jam in PA last night, so many new and familiar Flockers raging from night to daybreak, we’re full of your energy! We fly back to the area on May 4 at Abbey Bar in Harrisburg with Conspirator and May 22 at North Star Bar in Philly, let’s keep a great thing going! Now it’s time… to… sleeee….. PPPP

2:30am-?? at Some Kind of Jam Tonight

We close out a great weekend tonight with a 2:30am-?? late night extravaganz-set at Some Kind of Jam 9 in Schuylkill Haven, PA!! We’ve been having too much fun jamming at our shows this week, tonight’s gonna be tight! NYC and Worcester, thanks for two great nights, SKOJ: Pace Yourself!!

9:30 Club w/ Cabinet and B Side Shuffle!!

Our CD release party at the 9:30 Club in DC on July 3rd just got EVEN MORE EPIC!! We are proud to announce that Cabinet and B Side Shuffle are officially part of the party!! Out of PA, Cabinet is a band with roots firmly planted in the Appalachian tradition. They wear their influences like badges, honoring the canon of roots, bluegrass, country, and folk, weaving these sounds into a patchwork Americana quilt. From DC, B Side Shuffle boasts a sound built on old school District funk, new school dance grooves, snarling rock riffs, and vocal-forward hooks that have built them a explosive reputation in their young careers. Overall, this night is gonna be a full on dance party!!  We welcome all walks of life to come and celebrate our country’s independence together… and to be one of the first Flockers with their hands on our new album, Psychology!!! Tickets:

Kiwi in Columbus!!

The”Kiwi Chasers” finally got their request, hope you enjoyed the song!! About to hop in the hot tub before playing at 1:15am in Cleveland with Break Science, Phutureprimitive and many more! STOKED. Happy “Easter” everyone!!

‘Psychology’ CD Release Party at 9:30 Club!!

We’re headlining the 9:30 Club in DC on Thursday July 3rd to release our new studio album, ‘Psychology’!! After 2+ years of hard work, we’re incredibly humbled and honored to finally put it in your hands at such a historic venue!! Everyone should have off Friday for Independence Day, so the Flock better be ready to kick off this three-day weekend in true American style! Openers and more info coming soon, TOO EXCITED!!!

We Miss Florida Already!!

What an amazing week! Flew by. So many highlights… Our super jam with COPE at Skipper’s in Tampa featuring nearly all of both bands… Playing to more HD cameras than people at the incredible AURA studios in Boca Raton… Finally playing to Greg’s and Dan’s grandparents… Opening with “Couldn’t We All” on the wrong instruments for April Fools in Gainesville (and we got ’em good!!)…   Sit-ins by Jeff and Jim from The Heavy Pets, Chris from Displace and Sam from Grooveshark… Using actual aloe plants on our epic sunburns… Stumbling on a bird eating a lizard… Stumbling on a turtle laying 8-9 eggs in nature (it’s the circle of life!!)… Ronny high-fiving a spider monkey at the zoo… Re-meeting everyone from AURA in their respective towns… It’s been a beautiful and busy week!! With full hearts and a new tan, we begin our journey home tonight, kicking off four sweet shows that culminates at Gypsy Sally’s in DC. See you tonight at The Pour House in Charleston, SC, we hear it’s an awesome town!!