Pigeons Playing Ping Pong is...

Greg Ormont - Vocals, Guitar
Jeremy Schon - Guitar, Vocals
Ben Carrey - Bass, Vocals
Alex Petropulos - Drumagic, Electro-Swag

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong brings end-of-the-world enthusiasm to their high-energy psychedelic funk. Their infectious electro-funk grooves, undeniable live energy and contagious smiles have their rabid fanbase "the Flock" growing exponentially. Based out of Baltimore, MD, this animated quartet has been scorching up the country with their explosive performances and danceable peaks... and they're loving every minute of it!

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong press photo Pigeons Playing Ping Pong press photo Pigeons Playing Ping Pong press photo

These guys may be a little nuts, but they are extremely passionate about what they do.

When you attend a Pigeons show, be prepared to get sucked in; whether it’s due to Jeremy Schon’s fluid guitar skills, Ben Carrey’s steady bass, Dan Schwartz’s playful personality on the drums, or lead vocalist and pedal-devil Greg Ormont’s seductively strong vocals—the group’s magnetic presence ensures you won’t look away—not even if you want to.

Sometimes a festival is judged successful because a lesser-known band steals the show and becomes your highlight. Unfortunately, there are actually people naive enough to skip on catching this exemplary jam act because they don't initially like the name. What some may see as gimmicks are actually creative expressions of superior showmanship.

The grooves and heavy guitar riffs are reminiscent of early Spin Doctors, but with clever lyrics, tightly constructed and complicated melodic structures and relentlessly addictive noodling from Schon.

No matter what genre of feel-good music they’re playing, the passion and the energy is noticed and is always transferred to the audience, who can also drop their worries and get lost in the music.

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong have developed a unique live formula that seamlessly balances the band’s patented electro-funk style, without losing a refreshingly loose, “let's party” attitude.

When it comes to putting on a show, the Pigeons get it.

They have the tightness of a band that plays together a lot, and the flexibility of a band that is constantly trying to push themselves to new levels.