A band is nothing without it’s fans, and we have the best FLOCK in the world!! Thank you SO much for your support over the years, we love you dearly. Tonight, we raise a glass for our fallen brothers, Turkeys Trying Table Tennis!! Happy Thanksgiving Flockers!!


This Friday’s show at The Howard Theatre just doubled in fun! We’re raging TWO full sets, and we got LITZ to open with Horizon Wireless spinning the ‘tweeners. Homecoming Thanksgiving Throwdown: Double the Pleasure.

Ya Mon!

We be in Jamaica mon!! The next few days consist of crystal clear seas, kayaking, snorkeling, music… CAN’T BEAT IT!! One Love.

Playing Under a T-Rex: Check!

Halloween at the Maryland Science Center was unreal. We played under a T-Rex for a 2,250-person sold out crowd; Greg couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. Our “Science”-themed set featured first-time covers of Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me With Science,” The Who’s “Sparks,” and David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” Two mad scientists appeared during the […]

Halloween is SOLD OUT

Friday’s Halloween show at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore is sold out! See you there, and come out to our other Halloween run shows this week in Harrisburg, PA and Morgantown, WV. OH IT IS SO ON!!

In the books!

10 shows in 11 days complete!! Playing together that often really tightens up the team groove, what a fun run! Highlights include jamming with Smiley from The Main Squeeze in Bloomington, IN, hiking as a team in Chattanooga, TN, and crushing the Madison Theater outside Cincinnati. Just an awesome 10 shows… Can’t wait to kick […]

Well Played TN + KY!

We’ve had a great week so far! Enjoyed a beautiful hike at Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN on Monday, soaked in the heady culture in Knoxville, TN on Tuesday, and crushed some Kentucky BBQ last night! Fried corn on the cob!?! Shows have been great, ready for more, get out and see the world Flockers!!

10 Shows in 11 Days

Starting today, we’re gigging 10 out of the next 11 days. We’ll be as north as Syracuse NY, south as Lafayette, GA and west as Bloomington, IN… and it’s a beautiful thing! Let’s make some memories. BACK ON THE BUS!!

What else is out there?

Last night’s Harvest Ball in Maine was more than a music festival, it’s a tradition. For the past 21 years, Harry Brown has thrown three gatherings a year at his farm in Starks, ME in conjunction with the hay season. The festival community is tight-knit and free-thinking. We had the pleasure of playing on Harry’s […]

What a month…

…and so much 2014 left to go! We’ve even begun talking about our plans for 2015 and they are HUGE!! Lots on the ‘Horizon’ for the Flock… It’s time to take it up a notch. Or three. Or four…